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Baron Beach

Baron Beach

Baron beach is one of tourist favorite beach in Yogyakarta. This is because Baron Beach has a high rating among the rows of beaches in Yogyakarta for its beauty. Baron Beach name is very familiar in the ears of the people of Yogyakarta ranging from young children to adults.

Baron Beach is a very beautiful beach which offers beautiful scenery. Rows of beach after beach Baron is Sundak Beach, Krakal beach, and Kukup beach (row of the famous beach in Yogyakarta). Baron Beach has great waves, therefore the tourists who want to swim should not be specified borders coast coast guard officer.

Baron beach is actually a bay flanked by two hills on the right and left. Brown sands extend along the coast. On top of the sand, lined fishing boats back to sea. The boats are fishing boats returning from sea or resting at sea when the season has not yet arrived. Baron Beach is a dock for the fishermen to leave and go home to make a living. Thus, in the coastal region is also equipped with a Fish Auction Place as a market for the fishermen to sell their catch fish.

Baron Beach Tickets

Every visitor who want to enter the beach baron will incur a fee of Rp 5,000, -. These tickets can be used as well for the three beaches are within a row of Baron Beach, the beach Sundak, Krakal Beach, and the beach Kukup. For a fee will be charged at the end parker Rp 2,500, – for cars and Rp 1,000, – for motorcycles.

Baron Beach Facilities :

• Land parking area

• seafood restaurant

• Hotel with cheap price

• The camping ground is located around the beach

• A place for fishing

Baron Beach Location :

Baron Beach is located Kemadang Village, District Tanjungsari Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. The beach is located about 65 km from Yogyakarta direction or 20 miles to the south of Wonosari.

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