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Umbul Sidomukti

Umbul Sidomukti

Umbul Sidomukti is one of the Nature tourism in Semarang, located in the village sidomukti, Bandungan district, Semarang. This place has the most amazing natural travel scenery because it is located in the highlands, on the slopes of the mountain with an altitude of 1200 asl ungaran and gorge flanked on each side. from this place you can see a beautiful view of Semarang city and bluish java sea.

in Umbul sidomukti there are four terraced ponds, where the water source is a source of a mountain spring that is still very natural and clear. water in the pool was very cool and refreshing. you can be selected according to the desired depth. The water is very cold, crisp and refreshing.

Moreover, there are also available some courage in challenging sports facilities next to the pool. There trajectory flying fox with two track options, marine bridge in the valley, rapeling down the valley side of the pond, ATV, and trekking paths.

Flying fox in the Umbul Sidomukti has 110 meters in track length to the distance from the lowest point of the valley and it’s height about 70 meters, it is the longest flying fox in central Java. Flying fox was crossing the valley, so we seemed to move from hill to hill slope opposite to rely on two ropes and belts and helmets. Flying fox valley ticket fare is very cheap, just IDR12.000 for once slide.

This tourist area is also supported facility & Services like: Outbound Training, Adrenaline Games, Garden Pool Nature, Camping Ground, Travel lodge, dining cottage, and Meeting Room.


Car park ticket is IDR 2000. Entrance is IDR 4,000 per person for weekdays and IDR 5,000 per person on weekends and holidays. Want to try a marine bridge? Prepare IDR 7,000 IDR for tickets. IDR 6,000 to rapeling, and IDR 15,000-20,000 for 3x rounds of ATV. In addition to regular tickets, the manager also offers packages for groups containing a minimum of 20 people for corporate events such as tracking.

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