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Sam Poo Kong

Sam Poo Kong

Sam Poo Kong Pagoda or “Gedong Batu” is a Chinese Pagoda located in the Simongan, Semarang, Central Java. This place was once reputedly a haven admiral Cheng Ho, a Chinese explorer who are Muslims. Sam Poo Kong Pagoda is known up to foreign, even sam poo kong is a place that has been set by the Chinese government as a tourist destination for tourists from China. Interestingly, Sam Poo Kong Pagoda is visited by more Chinese Muslims with Islamic cultural nuances, not the Chinese cultural nuances inherent with incense and candles. This is due to the Chinese Muslims from Yunnan province are very familiar and well known, and believed that Admiral Cheng Ho Chinese envoy as war Persian descent have Islamic background.

Building the core of this Pagoda is a stone cave and is a major site of this location. This stone cave believed to be the initial landing and the headquarters of Admiral Cheng Ho with his men during a visit to the island of Java. In it there is a statue of a trusted sabagai statue of Sam Poo Tay Djien or Admiral Cheng Ho. At this location can also be found altars and tombs of Admiral Cheng Ho confidant while in Java, which are often visited by visitors to pilgrimage.

Sam Po Kong pagoda complex consists of a number of platforms are Major and the cave pagoda Sam Po Kong, Tho Pagoda Tee Kong, and four shrines (Kyai helmsman, Kayai Anchors, Kyai Cundrik Bumi and Kyai Tumpeng). Major Pagoda and caves are the most important building is the center of all activities and worship. The cave, which has a spring that never dried petilasan is believed that once occupied the Sam Po Tay Djien (Zheng He)

Giving the name of the building is quite unique given the name based on the object from the ship. For example, Mbah Kiai Cundrik Bumi is a place where all kinds of weaponry used to arm the crews. Kiai / Nyai Tumpeng relating to the affairs of the food on the ship and put Kiai Djangkar place anchors. While Mbah Djurumudi suspected / believed to be the tomb of the helmsman ship. In the building were decorated with various paintings and sculptures depicting Zheng trip to Java including the two pillars on the surface of the main building.

in terms of architecture, this Pagoda is a form of single-roofed apartment building. Unlike other types of Pagoda, Pagoda does not have a separate gallery. At the center of the room there is a cult of Sam Po.

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